How to choose the best Butane Torch

We know you were asking yourself what is the best butane torch? you are tired of your torches breaking down and you want to find a good torch that will last long enough. 

Butane torches are used in a variety of applications. From soldering to culinary, all uses are because of the portable size that the torch offers while simultaneously giving up to 2500F.

From our point of view, we recommend a high quality premium butane torch.

We have been in this business for more than 15 years and we know exaclty how to choose the best torches. Even we tried most of the brands and selected the premium high quality torches to sell them in our stores.

According to the below facts we choose Newport Zero as the best Torch in market.

Best Selling Torch

According to our experience, market statistics, and our own selling products, Newport Zero Torches are the best selling torches accross USA and Canada.

Max. Flame Temperature

Very decent burning time, able to burn continuously for approximately 40 mins, and the flame strength is excellent. It actually goes up to 1300°C - 2372°F.

Premium Specifications

All Newport Zero Torches are designed with premium specifications. It’s durable and packed with plenty of useful and convenient features like adjustable gas flow setting for flexible flame control (air control collar for switch jet flame to soft flame), a sturdy hands-free attachment, piezo lighting system for super quick ignition (no need to click the switch several times in order to light), and works at any angle. It also has a child proof safety lock system

Life time Warranty

Newport Zero provides lifetime warranty on all its torches, you just need to register your torch on their official website once you buy it.  

We had a good experience in the new Newport Zero Rasta Torch. You can buy it for a good deal through 

Best Butane Torch